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Diploma in Orthognathic Surgery

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  • Diploma in Orthognathic Surgery
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Short Information

Duration: 3 months, 27.01.2020 – 29.04.2020
Participants: Minumum 12 participants
Maximum 20 participants
Recommendation: Dental licence and experience in oral or maxillo-facial surgery or orthodontics
Online education: During the complete time of 3 months
Training places: IMC Training Center Münster

Anatomic Training Center,
Semmelweis University Budapest,

Clinic for maxillo-facial surgery,
University Szeged
Credit points: The Credit points according to the guidelines of the Professional Organisation of German Dentists (“BZÄK”) and German Dental Association (“DGZMK”) for participating in the course mentioned above are given as follows: 100 points


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Fee: Diploma in Orthognathic Surgery9.500.- €
Accommodation fees/person 9 days hotel, lunch, transportation2.500,- €


Contact: International Medical College
Gartenstraße 21
D-48147 Münster
tel: +49 (0)251 28 76 99 90
fax: +49 (0)251 59 08 34 20
e-mail: imc@med-college.de


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